Construction Update

August 29, 2014

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

Welcome to the beginning of academic year 2014-2015 on Pace University’s Pleasantville campus. This will be a challenging yet exciting semester as construction on the Site Plan continues and we begin to see results. We’ve made great progress this summer and I wanted to share this update with you.

Kessel Student Center - The expansion of the Kessel Student Center is underway. This summer new bathrooms on the first and second floors of the building were installed. The building is opening tomorrow, August 30th at noon. The balance of the expansion is on schedule and will be complete in January. As a reminder the Gottesman room will be used as dining space this semester along with Setter’s Lounge. Butcher suite will be offline this semester as the space is in the middle of the construction zone.

Media, Communications and Visual Arts - The Sculpture Studio was moved from Paton House to the Art Barn, which underwent renovations this summer. A terrific new sound stage was built in Willcox Hall to support continued enrollment growth and two new majors in the department. Next summer the balance of the Fine Arts classrooms in Paton will be moved to the third floor of Willcox, creating signature space for the department. The former Sculpture Studio in Paton House has been converted to a general purpose classroom.

Environmental Center Complex - The new Environmental Center classroom building will be online and ready for the start of classes. Work on the new farm house building is underway and is expected to be complete by November. The entire complex, which includes an animal and hawk barn, will be online at the end of November. I encourage you to visit the site when it is complete. The new Environmental Center will be a great resource for the University community and our visitors.

Choate Pond - Restoration of Choate pond should be complete in the next few weeks. Many steps were taken to protect wildlife in the pond before the work began. With the replanting of the pond and the creation of multiple habitat areas for shelter within the pond we anticipate that the native species will reestablish themselves and thrive in the pond. The pond is fed by mostly subsurface streams and will refill naturally after several rain events. Shirley Beth’s Way was moved slightly to the west in order to widen the pond. Next summer, Shirely Beth’s way will be restored to its original appearance. A stream was also uncovered in front of North Hall to improve the quality of storm water runoff that flows to the pond.

Circulation and Parking - There are new roadways and sidewalks on campus. The circulation pattern for vehicular and pedestrian traffic has changed. Please look for signage to direct you around campus. An additional parking area was established at North Hall. Expansion of the Choate lot is underway and should be complete by mid-September.

Alumni Hall - Work has also begun on the first residence hall, Alumni Hall. The foundation is under construction, and off-site modular production of the rooms is underway. You can expect to see the modular units arrive on campus in early November. We will notify the community when we have a confirmed date. Alumni Hall is on schedule to open in the fall 2015 semester.

Athletics - The improvements to the Athletic fields will begin mid-September. The new field house foundation work will begin in October. All of the new athletic facilities are on schedule for completion for the fall 2015 semester.

Pace Mart - I am also very excited to announce that there is a new student operated convenience store in Mortola Library called the Pace Mart where you can purchase coffee and snacks. This is the third student run business on campus, following the Pace Perk in Briarcliff and Pace Connect, all providing excellent experiential learning opportunities for our students.

Infrastructure - There were several deferred maintenance and annual projects completed over the summer that included the roof replacement for Town House 3, new carpets on the third floor of Mortola Library, and bathroom renovations in Lienhard Hall.

There is a lot of work underway on campus, especially this fall semester. Please stay aware of your surroundings and make safety your top priority when you are in the vicinity of the construction site or the roadways. If you have any questions or concerns about safety please contact Brian Anderson, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, at (914) 923-2818 or at

There will be challenges and inconveniences as work progresses but we are already beginning to see positive results. As the site work wraps up and the environmental Center complex is complete, construction will be isolated to a fenced in area in the center of campus and the athletic fields. Please continue to be patient as we work to transform our campus.

For regular updates on the Site Plan please visit this website.

Looking forward to a great semester.

All work is weather dependent, we will promptly notify the community of any changes.

Construction Logistics Plan (pdf - updated 8/15/14)