Construction Update

Week of April 27, 2015

Alumni Hall
Alumni HallThe brick and stone work on the west wing of Alumni Hall will be completed this week. Work on the north and east wing will follow. The scaffolding will be removed on the west wing once the work is completed and moved to north and east wings. The brick and stone work will be completed by the end of June.

The interior work on Alumni Hall continues. This work includes HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems, and sheetrock installation for the non-modular areas such as the classroom spaces and lounge spaces on the first floor.

To relocate the electrical service to Alumni Hall, there will be a minor power shutdown on April 28 at 5:00am. The only buildings that should be affected are the Goldstein Health and Fitness Center, Paton House and the Environmental Center complex. No major disruptions are expected.

Residence Hall B
Excavation, footings and foundation work will continue this week for Residence Hall B. Deluxe is continuing on the production on the modular units for Residence Hall B. A total of 73 units have been completed to date.

Site Work
Landscaping around the campus continues this week. Trees will be planted in the following locations: Choate House, Miller Lawn, and Shirley Beth’s Way.

The installation of the new data lines that will lead from the Kessel Student Center to Willcox Hall will continue after commencement. The data lines will run behind the Mortola Library, across the pedestrian pathway and staircase that connects parking lot T to parking lot Z next to the library as well as the entrance 2 roadway.

Work on the fields continues. The installation of east retaining wall next to the Multi-Purpose Field will continue this week. The contractors will be cutting and filling soil at the Multi-Purpose field this week.

The hauling operations to transport the excess soil from the new athletics area to the new softball field location will begin Saturday May 2. The dedicated route on campus that had been established for the trucks prior will be restored and maintained. This route requires a section of Parking Lot F (the lot behind Miller and Lienhard Halls) to be taken offline, along with the roadway on the west side of campus which is used to exit the campus. This is the roadway that circulates through parking lots D and C and follows behind Costello and Dyson Hall to entrance 1. This will require changes to entrance 1 and 2. The road leading to entrance 2 from entrance 1 will become a two-way street, so vehicles leaving the west side of campus from Miller and Lienhard can make a left hand turn onto Route 117.

Work on the new Field House will continue this week with backfilling the foundation and preparing for steel erection.


All work is weather dependent, we will promptly notify the community of any changes.

Construction Logistics Plan - April 2015 (pdf)